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Technical explanation

• Maintains an optimum immune system

• Maximum extraction in the GI of all nutrients

• Supports feed digestion

• Supports coat sheen and coat condition

• Designed for hoof quality and growth

• Supports recovery from exhaustive exercise as body copes with oxidative stress

• Maintains optimal GI function

 • A once a day natural nutritional supplement to maintain a healthy horse at every stage of life

• Measuring scoop included for daily dosage of 56g (2 scoops)

• LIFEFORCE is top dressed to the feed. It contains over 30 years of Alltech’s technologies, natural products and solutions for equine health which are proven to be reliable and fully traceable.  Alltech Yea-Sacc®1026 optimises fibre digestion and nutrient utilisation. It ensures that the horse – a grazer - maintains fermentation while consuming either hay or complete feed. The result is wellbalanced microflora in both the gastrointestinal tract and the cecum, enabling your horse to extract the optimum nutrients from all feed sources.

• Bioplex® minerals: an organic trace mineral combination of copper, manganese and zinc. An ideal mix to support hoof health and strength, as well as coat condition. Minerals are chelated to amino acids to improve bioavailability for the horse.

• Sel-Plex® an organic selenium reviewed by the EU and FDA for horses. A key element in supporting fertility and antioxidant status.


$107.00 Regular Price
$53.50Sale Price
  • Distillers dried grains with solubles, Hydrolyzed yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast culture, Zinc, Proteinate, Selenium Yeast, Copper proteinate, Manganese proteinate

    STORAGE: Lifeforce Formula contains viable yeast and should be stored in a cool dry place.  Open containers should be resealed.  Shelf Life Under these conditions is 18 months.

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