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Electrolytes (Regular) - salt replacement for all horses. Contains the required electrolytes plus glucose for faster recovery after work, exercise, stress and hot conditions. A neutral electrolyte, being non acidic it is kinder on the gut and will not promote ulcers. It is also neutral for correct body ph. Electrolytes are necessary for sweating horses to replace salts and used in accordance to sweat output. Electrolytes are always adminstered in the feed and water must be freely available at all times as the horse becomes very thirsty and by drinking then rehydrates the system with fluids. Our electrolytes are perfect for all horses in all levels of work and contain all the necessary salts to ensure a fast recovery.



    Receipt and/or Proof of Purchase must be present for any returns or exchanges.

    If you change your mind about your purchase we are happy to offer an exchange, Gift Vouchers or a refund to the value of the purchased goods. This EXCLUDES sale items.

    Any unrequired goods must be returned in original and unused condition with proof of purchase and the tags attached within 21 days of the purchase date.

    If our products are faulty we will commit to meeting our obligations under the Consumer Guarantee Act 1993.

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