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Maxia Complete aids gastric buffering to help support the health of the entire digestive tract including the stomach and hind gut, which can help to: Improve Behavior, Enhance Performance, Increase Bone Turnover & Repair, Improve Condition. Size: 4kg. Price: $178.20.




Maxia Complete contains 32% organic calcium and 2.2% organic magnesium. Organic forms of minerals denote that the algae have incorporated them into their cells via normal metabolism, whereby the minerals are bound to small protein structure (i.e. organic chemistry). Organic forms of minerals are the natural form found in plant material, which all animals are preferentially adapted to take up from the gut. They are inherently more stable in the gut than inorganic, ore forms (e.g. sulphates and oxides), and have preferential uptake via active transport mechanisms in cells lining the gut walls. As they carry no electrical charge, unlike dissociated ions from ores, e.g. Ca2+, Mg2+, they do not experience interference with other, similarly charged mineral ions leading to competition for uptake and imbalances. Neither are they vulnerable to ionic binding to other compounds in feed, such as phytic acid from grain or charged clay mycotoxins binders.



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