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Cool Fibre is an equine fibre source soaked to form a mash to include with chaff as part of a balanced fibre intake.

Cool Fibre has been formulated on a feeding regime of getting back to basics.


Cool Fibre Super Fibres are a great source of highly digestible fibres to increase your horses fibre intake. They have one of lowest non structural carbohydrate (NSC) profiles available in equine nutrition - averaging 6-8% in a typical analysis; with starch and sugar under 3% and 2.5% residual oil (Fat); so Cool Fibre also supplies a great source of absorbable fats and additional 'quality' proteins to maintain condition and topline. Cool Fibre support excellent hindgut health, fed correctly they can optimise digestion in the hindgut, maximising nutrient absorption from your horses total feed ration. Cool Fibre Extra has all the benefits of Cool Fibre Plain, but is a blend of Cool Fibre and cold pressed Linseed to add Omegas 3, 6 And 9 to the diet (particularly important for horses unable to eat pasture), it has more residual fats from oil, more quality proteins (amino acids) and muclilage properties to support the digesta. Depending on your horses work load and current condition. As although low in Sugar and starch, because of the high digestibility, and quality residual oils, Cool Fibre is a great feed for maintenance and conditioning. Cool Fibre Feeds are particularly useful during a seasonal pasture flush (when the WSC increase and the fibre decreases), during droughts or feed shortages as a partial hay replacement, during travel to supply a quick wet mash to quickly hydrate your horse and feed a dust free snack in the float of truck containing any salts, minerals or electrolytes you wish to feed.



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