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This stunning 3 point breastplate is packed full of features as well as being minimal and stylish. 

If you are a jumper, an eventer or a casual rider and need a breastplate to stabilise your saddle without bulk then our leather breastplate is a great option. 

With seven points of adjustment, this breastplate will fit a wide range of shapes & sizes. Gel padded through the V, wither and girth strap, this breastplate wont rub even the most sensitive of skinned horses. 

The girth strap features a clip for easy attachment to your girth. You can remove this clip if you prefer jumping without. 

Featuring a small double elastic insert that allows your horse that extra bit of freedom when they jump. 

Made from English leather and 10-12 stitches per inch, classically finished with contrast stitching, this breastplate won't disappoint


    • Once you receive your product, try it on for fit. Do not do up the buckles as this will mark the leather, instead thread through the keepers in case you need to exchange the size. When you are certain that it fits properly, do the following BEFORE use.
    • Use a leather cream such as Effax Leather Balsam to nourish and moisturise the leather. You will need to pay particular attention to the headpiece and make sure it is well moisturised.
    • During the first two weeks of use you should cream your bridle 2-3 times per week to lubricate the leather fibres.
    • DO NOT condition the leather every day after the first two weeks.
    • DO NOT EVER use liquid oil.
    • Once the leather is soft and well-conditioned, maintenance should be minimal. Occasional creaming is recommended once every 1-2 months.
    • An occasional saddle soap can be used and can be wiped with a damp cloth at owner’s discretion by following product label directions. Do not use product on the bridle every day.
    • If your bridle looks cracked or creased, you have not given the leather adequate leather conditioner, or not adequately conditioned the bridle before use.
    • Clean your patent with a petroleum jelly (minimal amount)
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