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There are three major causes of nutritional behavioural problems: mycotoxicosis, magnesium deciency and too much energy but not enough work to expend it. EquiGuard™ Plus Pellets addresses the first two. Mycotoxins are produced by fungi that grow in grazed pasture, grains, mixed feeds or hay stored above optimum moisture content. They have been implicated in a variety of acute equine health problems including colic, behavioural disorders, diarrhea, hypersensitivity, abortions and reproductive problems. Low levels have cumulative effects which can gradually damage organ function. There are no practical means of ridding feed of mycotoxins, so EquiGuard™ Plus Pellets are used as part of a strategy to help horses exposed to feed containing mycotoxins. Magnesium deciency is also a prevalent condition in New Zealand equines, and is often a result of grazing them on dairy pastures that have been treated with potassium fertilizers. Potassium limits the uptake of magnesium, hence the deciency. Magnesium deciency can result in a horse displaying behaviours such as nervousness, reactivity, extreme sensitivity, diculty focusing, decreased performance, muscle tremors and rapid breathing.  Mycotoxins are difficult to measure, as many different mycotoxins can be present simultaneously, making analysis difficult and expensive.  Mycotoxicosis is hard to diagnose; symptoms are usually non-specic, such as behavioural changes, lost performance and higher disease incidence.  Fungal species co-exist and most can produce more than one mycotoxin.  Mycotoxins are synergistic, meaning combinations have a greater impact than single toxins. EquiGuard™ Plus Pellets are a natural product comprising modied glucomannans from yeast cell wall, chromium and an antioxidant. It acts as a digestive aid and provides nutritional support for horses grazing high endophyte pastures.  An organic form of magnesium which is more readily and available fastest acting for the horse.  EquiGuard™ Plus also contains vitamin E and organic chromium to help boost the horses’ immune systems and support muscle function. May be used in conjunction with EquiPur™ (natural herbal extract) to aid in detoxication, cleansing horses system and support normal liver function. Active Ingredients: Glucomannan oligosaccharides, phyotogenic substances, phycophytic constiuents, chromium picolinate, magnesium aspartate, OregoStim® and vitamin E.



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