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Stalosan® F powder is a highly effective biosecurity aid for the control of ammonia and moisture in animal housing. It absorbs up to 400% of its weight in moisture.

Stalosan F is recommended for use where there is a high bacteria risk to animals. It works to reduce the proliferation of bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses and fly larvae.

A powerful drying agent, Stalosan F is non-toxic. It works for several days, stabilising the microflora and chemical balance in animal bedding to help create and maintain a natural and healthy animal environment.

With a pH of 3.5, the mineral acids in Stalosan F help adjust the pH in an animal environment from alkaline to neutral. This helps prevent the breakdown of animal skin, leaving the animals better able to protect themselves against infection.

The real cost benefit comes from using Stalosan F to prevent biosecurity issues.


  • Stalosan is easy to apply. It can be scattered by hand or using buckets with fine holes drilled in the base. It can also be easily applied using an AgriVantage applicator or a leaf blower.

    We find that blowing Stalosan F, rather than scattering it, helps to ensure optimal spread of the powder and can be more economical as there is a tendency to overdose when scattering Stalosan F powder.

    Talk to us if you have any questions as there are many ways in which Stalosan F can be spread.

  • Apply 50g of Stalosan F per square metre, once weekly.

    In general, we recommend that Stalosan F is applied at 50 g/m2 once a day for the first three days. Thereafter, Stalosan F should be used once a week at 50 g/m2.

    For optimal effect, we recommend that Stalosan F is spread as evenly as possible over the area which animals have access to. Spread directly over the bedding, especially along the edges where wet-and dampness occurs.

    In case of high bacterial load, increased moisture or high stocking densities: application should be increased to 2-3 times per week.

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